Making philanthropy a more personal, efficient
and rewarding experience

Through independent and trusted guidance, we help navigate the complexities of charitable giving in the arts and cultural sector, allowing our clients to become real partners to the causes they believe in, as well as enjoying the discovery of new ones.

We understand that philanthropy rarely requires a cookie-cutter solution. We’re here to to listen and help through different approaches.


Navigating the art world can be daunting. At ArtEater, everything starts with a complimentary consultation to talk through your needs and guide you on where to start. We will discuss anything from areas of interest, goals, and budget, and see if ArtEater is the right fit for you.


For one-off queries, and targeted advice on specific issues, we offer short reports that provide independent and practical solutions and suggestions.

Some typical reports we provide include:

    • Detailed giving plans based on your preferred causes and desired level of involvement
    • Discovery of the most exciting institutions and people making a difference who need support within your areas of interest
    • Due diligence on charities and causes
    • Recommendations on donating your works of art to institutions

Bespoke services

Our bespoke services mean taking a journey together. We do the work for you. We keep you up to date on what you need to know, make the most efficient use of your time, and ensure your money is used the right way. We want you to see the impact that you’re making and experience how rewarding it is to be an active supporter of the arts.

Some of our bespoke work has included:

    • Personal, day-to-day management of your philanthropic portfolio
    • Acting as the point of contact for the organisations you support
    • Setting up of charitable foundations and donor-advised funds
    • Monitoring philanthropic impact
    • Bespoke and discreet high-level introductions
    • Advice on board and voluntary appointments
    • Brokering loans, sales, and the donation of works of art to institutions
    • Assistance with tax efficient donations, legacy planning, and gifting in lieu
    • Philanthropic reputation management

Project management

We can also help if you have a particular project in mind. ArtEater has managed a range of complex, multi-faceted projects from concept to implementation involving the art market, artist estates, and artistic commissions. So if you want to get involved and support the arts, we are here to help.