Providing artists and creatives with independent advice
and tools for funding and giving back

We believe that artists should be allowed to focus on their practice. As such, ArtEater frequently provides artists and creatives with bespoke advice on a range of career skills with a focus on funding. Our services are open to all disciplines and career stages. We want to provide you with clear, independent, and confidential advice to help you make your life easier.

If you want to know if we can help, please get in touch for an initial chat free of charge.

For emerging artists and recent graduates

ArtEater regularly works with artists in the early stages of their career, helping them with the practical aspects of being a professional artist. While you deal with the art, we can help you:

  • Turn ideas into a project proposal
  • Write a successful funding application
  • Communicate with collectors and supporters 
  • Provide work for charitable causes (e.g. charity auctions, limited editions, etc.)
  • Navigate the art market

For established artists wanting to give back

If you are an artist in a position to give back, and want to know where to start, ArtEater is here to help. We can help with:

  • Creating a charitable foundation, while adhering to regulations and compliance
  • Setting up an artist residency or non-profit space
  • Creating a grant-making body
  • Managing the day-to-day non-profit activities
  • Small and large scale fundraising events
  • Sponsorship and corporate partnerships for non-commercial projects